Meet the Cadre: Rodney White

“Meet the Cadre” is a simple interview format glimpse into each of the outstanding folks that make Apache Solutions what it is today. We wanted to give all of our students, social media followers, and website visitors an individualized introduction to each of our Coaches, Instructors, and Administrators. This week we introduce Rodney White.

Rodney White

What is your age group: 18-25, 25-35, 35-50, “Experienced”?


What is your current role within Apache Solutions?


Do you consider this a Full-time job, Part-time job, or hobby?

Hobby. While the Admin ensure we are compensated well for our time, I see my time spent at Apache as a personal development opportunity and the ability to spend time doing something I sincerely enjoy. If you love what you do, how can it be labeled a job?

Why have you taken on this role?

After spending some time in 1-on-1 sessions, Tim and I had conversations about transitioning from a regular student into the instructor space and he encouraged me to attend a NRA instructor course. I very quickly recognized my experience managing and training retail employees quickly and easily translated into the classroom/range. Not to mention the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that is shared with students as they build their skills and knowledge is so much greater than what I receive in my day job.

Why choose Apache Solutions?

Very early in my firearms training journey, I struggled to find “competent trainers”. I saw missed opportunities with the minimal training I had received and met Tim Kelly. He encouraged me to look into his company and I signed up for EDC. Very quickly, I recognized that Apache Solutions was actually living up to their mission statement. Tim and I actually had a conversation one afternoon where I asked for training for a specific firearm I owned. He asked, “Are you going to use it for home or vehicle defense?” I said “no”. He responded with “Then no, that’s not what we do here. If you have a practical application for it, we will definitely spend time building your proficiency, but I’m not going to waste your time and money training on a platform you have no real use for”. Think about that for a minute….Find me any other trainer/business owner that wouldn’t just take my money without even considering how it impacted my needs, not my wants… I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.

What course have you participated in (as a student) that is your favorite/most memorable?

Apache’s EDC course. I’ve had the privilege to complete the course multiple times(I think 7 or 8 now?). Being able to not only get in the repetitions and build fundamental defensive carry skills should be enough of a reason. However, being able to watch the course evolve over time has been an amazing experience.

What course have you taught (or assisted with) at Apache Solutions is your favorite/most memorable?

I believe it was my 3rd or 4th time teaching the NRA Basic Pistol course. While some of these courses are occupied by relatively closed-minded students that don’t expect to learn much because they have been shooting guns since they were “Knee-high to a grasshopper” and the course focuses primarily on safety and handgun fundamentals. This class was the first that I had 100% active student participation and engagement with. It all stemmed from the attitude, excitement, and desire to learn from a single student. That was a preteen female that was more engaged and excited than any student I had previously seen. And her energy rubbed off on the rest of the class. It was a great day, and one I doubt I will ever forget.

Name one instructor or course (Not including Apache Solutions) that you think everyone should experience:

Here’s the deal…I don’t think there is a single answer for this. It is completely dependent on where you are in your training journey.
Everyone, regardless of their training or skill level- CPR/First Aid/Stop the Bleed. I don’t care who it is taught by. These are life skills that in my opinion should be covered during high-school in the public school system. I am astounded by the number of adults in our society that don’t have any knowledge of CPR or First Aid. If you didn’t take it in school, go find a class. Check with your local health dept, community college or the American Red Cross. Often times they are provided for free or minimal cost.

Armed citizens- Mr John Murphy’s “Street Encounter Skills”. While this is technically a firearms course, it’s not a firearms accuracy/technical skills course. I found it is more about the importance of mindset, decision making, and most importantly, preservation of life and freedom. Something EVERY CCH permit holder should have as a first consideration.

The training junkie/budding instructor- Tatiana Whitlock’s defensive pistol. She has very simplified ways of explaining the same things you have heard over and over that may have not yet “clicked” by “Saying the words that mean the things”. Her utilization of non-traditional range commands and decision based stimuli affords the student the opportunity to validate skills under a different level of stress than most of us are used to.

What are your Non-Firearm related hobbies?

Video Games, Crafts, Shopping, Procrastinating.

Do you have any Major Accomplishments or Certifications you would like to share?

NRA Basic Pistol Certified Instructor
Rangemaster Basic Instructor Certified


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