Elements of The Concealed Draw

Elements of The Concealed Draw


September 6, 2024    
3:30 pm - 7:30 pm




Parma Armory Shooting Center (Ohio)
5301 Hauserman Rd, Cleveland, Ohio, 44130

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Purpose: This 4-hour, 100-round workshop is designed to enhance the student’s ability to effectively draw their handgun from concealment.


The elements of a fast and consistent draw stroke heavily rely on the student’s ability to apply an efficient technique and eliminate excessive movement. This workshop will set the foundation for those who have yet to learn a proper technique and enhance others who may already have established a foundation. Every student will leave with an individual understanding of their current capabilities and limitations. Students will also be given specific guidance on how to practice these skills on their own.


Subjects discussed and exercises:

  • Grip and stance and how it relates to an effective draw stroke
  • Proper aiming and Trigger control
  • Developing a natural point of aim
  • Dry fire exercises
  • Live fire exercises
  • The balance of speed and accuracy
  • Individual Capabilities and Limitations
  • Challenge drill

Students must have a good understanding of safe gun handling and range etiquette. Students must have had prior training in pistol marksmanship (basic marksmanship course, private instruction, etc.). A semi-auto handgun. At least 100 rounds of ammunition. Minimum of 2 magazines. A quality holster (No serpas, or nylon holsters). If you have questions on gear, please feel free to contact us. Eye protection and ear protection. Note taking gear. Water.

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